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Customized compounds

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of high-performance engineering plastics with impressive characteristics. When producing our compounds, we are not limited to specific base polymers and always select the best raw material for your application.

We process PA 6, PA 6.6, PBT, PET, ABS, POM, PPA, PPS, PEI, PES and PEEK, among other materials. A broad selection of different additives and reinforcing materials are available for achieving the desired properties. These include aramid, CNT, mineral fillers, carbon fibres, glass fibres and spheres, various metals and also impact modifiers. This flexibiity ensures that we can develop and produce the optimum product for you.

Registered trademarks and product groups

ALAMID® - Compounds based on PA 6 and PA 6.6

Compounds based on PA 6 and PA 66

ALAMID® D - Magnetically detectable compounds

Magnetically detectable compounds based on PA 6 and PA 66

Metal replacement AQUAFORCE® - Compounds specially for use in drinking-water applications

Compounds specially for use in drinking-water applications (base PA 66)

LEIS Spezialcompounds

Development and production of customized material solutions for your applications, based on all polymers in the field of engineering and high-performance plastics.

Metal replacement NYLAFORCE® - Glass fibre reinforced high-performance plastics

Glass fibre reinforced high-performance polyamides produced by the feed-up process

Metal replacement NYLAFORCE® dynamic - A power pack for dynamic applications

A power pack for dynamic applications

TECDUR - Compounds based on PBT and PET

Compounds based on PBT and PET

Metal replacement THERMOFORCE® - Thermally conductive compounds

Thermally conductive compounds, electrically conductive, electrically
insulating (base PA 6, PA 66, PPS, PBT)

TRIBOFORCE® - High-performance compounds for tribological applications

Tribologically-optimised compounds (base PA 66, PPS, PEEK)


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