Metal replacement AQUAFORCE® - Compounds for use in drinking-water applications
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Compounds specially for use in drinking-water applications

With AQUAFORCE® LEIS Polytechnik is expanding its product portfolio in the field of metal substitutes. These engineering materials, which were based on polyamide 6.6 in the first instance, have been developed especially for components that require approval for contact with drinking water.

AQUAFORCE® PA66 materials comply with both the German Federal Environment Agency´s Guideline for Hygienic Assessment of Organic Materials in Contact with Drinking Water (KTW Guideline) and the microbiological requirements laid down in Worksheet W 270 issued by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW). All the materials have additionally been certified as being in conformity with the ACS positive list in France.

AQUAFORCE® PA66 can be supplied with 30% to 60% glass fibre reinforcement. Its outstanding mechanical properties make AQUAFORCE® the ideal material for parts subject to static and dynamic loading and permit the substitution of metals such as brass and zinc. Users thus have suitable engineering alternatives to metallic materials at their disposal.

AQUAFORCE® PA66 G60-01, for example, has a tensile strength of 240 MPa and a modulus of elasticity in tension in excess of 20 000 MPa. The fact that it offers the processability of a thermoplastic and a low price per unit volume gives it clear economic advantages over metals and metal alloys.

This product series is used in applications that include water meters, filters, pumps and fittings.


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